Editorial Illustration

After being mentored by Cat O’Niel, I began illustrating within the editorial industry. Here are a few examples of magazine illustrations and spreads. 

This was my first commission And one where I tackled a very delicate topic. It is one of my works I am most proud of. Below, Black and white images show the rough ideas behind the final illustration. 

Below are a few pieces for Breathe magazine/Teen Breathe/Breathe Special. 

And below, one for Stir magazine.

Motion Design

Motion Design is the type of animation I find work in at the moment, this is typically social media adverts such as these below. 

Cel-Animation Experimentation

When I have free time, I explore cel-animation, learning through trial and error. Below are some examples of this experimentation.

I’m proud of how much I’ve learned by myself, but I recognise that my progress has stagnated due to lack of time and guidance and I’m in need of having a period of time to really accelerate this craft. The DYCP grant would allow me to do so!

(Click to play)

a sketch of a squirrel into multiple poses to demonstrate the individual drawings that together when shown in sequence create an animation

Illustration for Animation

The bulk of my work comes in the form of illustration within the animation industry (where I develop the designs and then pass these over to the animators on the team who bring them to life).

Below is an example of a project That I created the designs for which were then animated by the animators.


my designs (left) — Studio’s animators (right)

With the growth period the grant would provide, I would be able to take on both roles on these kind of projects in the future.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to look through these examples of my work.

All work by Rowena
‘Reena’ Sheehan.
To contact please email:

All work by Rowena ‘Reena’ Sheehan. To contact please email: rowena.sheehan@hotmail.com