Griffons of the Apennines

My Role

Director, Designer, Animator


Rewilding Apennines


Vishal Bohjane

Voice Over

Joceline Sciamanda


Rewilding Apennines, based in central Italy, reached out to me to commission an explainer video to help inform people about the vital role griffon vultures play in the ecosystem and how to help protect them.

A script was provided and I began by creating an animatic and some initial styleframes for the video based on the shots proposed in the animatic. The client continued to see the progress throughout the project to ensure the brief and desires were being met.

Key Illustrations

The film needed to feel grounded in Italy and so I gathered image references from the client and their associates including photos of Rewilding Apennines’s Vulture Field Officer, Nicolo – featured at the end of the animation.

The colour palette is warm and dry, much like the colours found in the Central Apennines nature.


The film premiered at the event “The Comeback of Griffon Vultures in the Central Apennines” which was hosted by the Carabinieri Biodiversità, Rewilding Apennines, and the municipalities of Magliano de’ Marsi and Massa d’Albe.

It was really rewarding to be part of this project. Rewilding Apennines does great work for the conservation of fauna in central Italy. I’m grateful to be able to use my craft to help causes I believe in. 

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