Industry Work

Most of my website is dedicated towards personal work. Here are some of the industry projects I have had to pleasure to work on.


Big Hero 6: The TV Show

In 2017 I worked on Disney’s Big Hero 6 TV show. I worked as a Cleanup, Colour and Tone Artist at Norlum, a Danish Animation studio hired by Disney to co-produce the show. Below are examples of the type of work.

Top Left: Colour. Top Right: Tone. Bottom Left: Cleanup. Bottom Right: Tone.

In 2018 I worked with Axis VFX in Bristol as a Storyboard Artist to create VFX storyboards to be used in production of National Geographic’s “Hostile Planet” TV series.


Hostile Planet

A few key shots taken from the storyboards.


Freelance Design

A few freelance design projects I have been part of.

Top Left: Book cover for “To Hull and Back” by Chris Fielden. Top Right Banner Design for startup company “Earth Awe”.

In 2016 and 2017 I produced comics featured in the anthology “Comics for Good” (Vol 1 and 2). The organisation brings artists from around the world together to create comics to fight a good cause.


Comics For Good

Top Left: Collection of Vol. 1 anthologies. Top Right: Snapshot from news story featuring the project Vol 2 and my contribution (LINK TO NEWS STORY HERE). Bottom Left: Snapshot of the 2016 story I created in collaboration with Anna Bonnen, Ida Pfeiffer and Kirsten Pfeiffer. Bottom Right: Snapshot of my 2017 contribution.

All work by Rowena
‘Reena’ Sheehan.
To contact please email:

All work by Rowena ‘Reena’ Sheehan. To contact please email: